Check Out Our New Arrow Squaring Device - Fit All Saw Models
  • Modular Arrow Saw with Dust Collector & Squaring Device

    $251.45 $235.43

    Introducing a new concept in arrow saws designed for the home enthusiast!

    Benefits include:

    • Blade guard has integrated connection for 1.25" hose. (This is standard size for most of the small shop vacs)

    • Modular design allows the saw to be broken down into pieces and stowed in its own compact box

    • Comes together in a snap - assembles to full 36” length

    • Capable of cutting all length arrows & bolts

    • Comes complete with spin testers and de-burring tool

    • Smaller size reduces retail shelf space and shipping costs

    • Lower cost makes it affordable for home arrow building

    • Assembly clips allow for complete assembly without the need to fasten saw to board / table

    • Includes Arrow Squaring Device

    T-Bird Archery is an ISO-Compliant company with full machining and fabrication capabilities. They bring more than 20 years experience in the archery industry to the Modular Arrow Saw’s design.